Trong giao thức truyền thông điệp XMPP thì XML Stanza bản tin ngữ nghĩa trong XMPP. Bao gồm các phần tử cấp 1 (depth=1) là <message>, <presence> hoặc <iq>. Trong đó, IQ viết tắt của Info/Query.

From RFC 6120 4.1 Stream Fundamentals

Definition of XML Stanza: An XML stanza is the basic unit of meaning in XMPP. A stanza is a first-level element (at depth=1 of the stream) whose element name is “message”, “presence”, or “iq” and whose qualifying namespace is ‘jabber:client’ or ‘jabber:server’. By contrast, a first-level element qualified by any other namespace is not an XML stanza (stream errors, stream features, TLS-related elements, SASL-related elements, etc.), nor is a…

From RFC 6120 8. XML Stanzas

8. XML Stanzas After a client and a server (or two servers) have completed stream negotiation, either party can send XML stanzas. Three kinds of XML stanza are defined for the ‘jabber:client’ and ‘jabber:server’ namespaces: , , and . In addition, there are five common attributes for these stanza types. These common attributes, as well as the basic semantics of the three stanza types, are defined in this specification; more detailed information regarding the syntax of XML stanzas for instant messaging and presence applications is provided in [XMPP-IM], and for other applications in the relevant XMPP extension specifications.

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