When you first working with web conference like me. You may get your voice echo or some massive noise. How to handle echo cancellation issue ?

You may try the following ways to addressing the issue:

  • First: if you are displaying the local media stream, make sure that the video object displaying the local media stream is muted. I like to use the builtin controls of the video object for this purpose.
  • Second: Don’t test your application by running two sessions in the same physical room. If you do, your voice would be picked up by the other guys microphone as well as your microphone. This shouldn’t cause a feedback look if you are wearing headphones though. Are both parties using headphones, or only one? (because the guy not wearing headphones provides a feedback path for the guy with headphones).
  • Third: Try putting the microphone in a different room than the headphones. If that stops your feedback squawk, it would be an indication that your headphones are cheap junk and are leaking sound outside your ears.
  • Finally: If you figure out what the problem was, post a follow up to this discussion so that other people can benefit from your discovery.

The first option of making local stream to mute worked for me.
Hope you success !


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